Monday, November 29, 2010

New Handmade dolls for sale!

  Red braided hair, jeans dress, lace apron ~ Rebekkah
Brown hair pulled back, green shirt, red skirt, white apron ~ Emily Rae

Light brown hair, cherry dress, green legs ~ Kimberly
Red braided hair, patchwork dress, red legs ~ Katie

      Red hair, pink polka dot dress, pink apron ~ Pattie
Yellow braided hair, beige flower dress, pearl necklace ~ Carolyn                   

Dark brown hair, brown leaf print shirt, burgandry cordoroy skirt ~ Vickie
Brown braided hair, gray shirt, plaid skirt, red legs ~ Eva 

Brown braided hair, red floral shirt and legs, denim skirt, white apron ~ Cassidy
                  Dark braided hair, red checkered shirt and legs, denim skirt ~ Sierra

Brown hair, Blue floral legs and shirt, denim skirt ~ Amanda
Brown braided hair, floral print legs and shirt, green cordoroy skirt ~ Mary

All dolls are $25.00 including shipping and handling. All are one of a kind (16 inches tall) and were hand made by our wonderful friends in Colorado. Thanks April! Once again all proceeds go 100% TO OUR ADOPTION!! please email me at with your address

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