Friday, June 3, 2011

We got a matching GRANT!!!!

If anyone is interested in helping us please email me at and I will give you information on where to send donation.

Dear Jesse & Paige:

We have reviewed your application for a matching grant and are pleased to inform you that you have been awarded a dollar for dollar matching grant up to $10,000. The specific amount received will depend on the amount of funds donated by family and friends on your behalf. The grant amount includes both the funds raised and the funds matched by HANDinHAND Christian Adoption, Inc. If you raise $5,000 from family and friends, HANDinHAND will match those funds for a total grant of $10,000.
All monies will be disbursed directly to your adoption agency, adoption lawyer or other adoption expenses after HANDinHAND has received an approved invoice from one of these sources. Monies already paid will not be reimbursed. Only outstanding balances will be paid by your awarded grant. Monies will be disbursed up to the amount of the final awarded grant. Funds received over the grant amount will go toward your adoption expenses not to exceed the outstanding adoption costs. Funds received over outstanding adoption expenses will help other children find “forever” families through the general fund of HANDinHAND Christian Adoption, Inc.
All donated monies must be in our HANDinHAND office or postmarked by July 13, 2011 to be considered in the dollar for dollar match for your specific grant. Funds received after this time will go toward the general fund of HANDinHAND Christian Adoption, Inc. to continue to help children find “forever” families.
In the case of a disrupted adoption, monies will be held for your use for up to 1 year from the disruption then after that time will be used to help other children and their families through Hand in Hand’s general fund.
We are so excited to be able in a small way to help a child find a “forever” family. Thank you for being obedient to God’s call in your life to help a child. We appreciate your heart and look forward to working with you in accomplishing this goal.

Trudy A. George President HANDinHAND Christian Adoption, Inc.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Homestudy complete

We finally completed our homestudy! I forgot how much work it was the first time around! So now we have to just wait for FBI to approve our fingerprints and we are good to go. I cant wait for this part to be over, then we wait....... Who knows how long.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some bad but good news

Our agency called us last week to tell us that we are still unable to proceed with an adoption from Korea. Apparently the amount of people that they are allowing to adopt for 2011 is so few that even being #1 at our agency didnt get us a spot. Well we are looking into other countries..... Any suggestions? I was thinking maybe Ethiopia... I will let everyone know. I am beyond frustrated..... on a brighter note here are some pictures from our visit to my parents house in NJ.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow day!

I know this week will pass by slowly because I am waiting for news from my agency....... We got quite a bit of snow here in Georgia, about 5 inches which means everything is closed. Jesse stayed home form work and we are going to be enjoying the snow with Asher! Timber loves the snow and we will be bringing her outside to play too. For all of you who didnt know, TImber has bone cancer. She seems to be doing ok right now so we are enjoying the good days with her. Here are some pictures from our day:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hoping for some good news next week and pics from Asher's 2nd Birthday!

I got an email from my agency stating that she will be in a meeting next week to discuss the quota of babies that our agency will be allowed to adopt out. So that means we get to find out next week if we get to adopt from Korea again! Korea has significantly decreased the number of children that are allowed to be adopted by foreigners but yet domestic adoption in Korea continues to decrease. It makes me so sad to know these children will go without homes and will remain in the social welfare system. I hope we are one of the families that gets to continue on! I will be eagerly waiting for a call from our agency.

On a brighter note, our sweet boy, turned 2 on December 30th! He had a blast. We had a family dinner followed by playtime at Chucky Cheeses. Here are some pictures from our night!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Contest Winner!

Since no one made a donation on behave of this contest, I decided to just pick a name from all the people that bought an item or made a donation earlier........ The winner is Barbie Brilliante! Ill be sending you an email with your gift certificate code. Thank you everyone who has been helping us thus far.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Make a donation (as little as a dollar) and get entered to win a $35 gift certificate

Would a $35 gift card to one of's awesome stores make your season a little bit brighter??
CSN is comprised of over 200 online stores, where you can find everything from  Delsey luggage, Dwell studio for kids, cookware, toys, and more.
 Here are some items that I found on
owl pillow by dwell studio
Pet stroller ( Cash would fit perfect in this) lol

Cash ,our dog ,is 125 lbs. 

Personalized Train Table

Just leave a donation using the paypal button. On December 31st, I will put everyones names in a hat and let Asher pick the winner. I will notify you by email so please leave your email in the note section when you leave a paypal donation. Thank you  and once again every dime you give to us goes toward bringing our baby home!